Unique Gift For The Christening Of A Baby Girl. This Sundial Is A Cute And Creative Gift Or Keepsake For A Parents Of A Newborn. Handmade By The Metal Foundry UK

Are a couple you care for celebrating the Christening of a beautiful baby Girl?

Do you want to get them a special baby shower gift that will last them a lifetime?

That won’t be forgotten with the mass of novelty baby-grows and disposable dummies they are sure to receive?

– Well then you are in Luck! –

These Baby Girl Sundial Gifts have been designed just for you!

All handmade in our factory in Leicester from solid cast brass they not only look really expensive, but feel it too so your recipients will know how much you care. (Little do they know how great value they really are).

Each sundial can be installed and used outside as a working sundial OR they also come with a bracket that can be attached to the rear of the dial. This means it can be displayed indoors and used simply as a memorable ornament, so they can always be put to good use.

We only used outdoor quality paints and everything has a 2 coat lacquered finish for maximum protection to last a lifetime. So every time they are adored by the couple they will be reminded of their Girl as a gorgeous baby, and not the stroppy, dramatic teenager they have turned into.

As a gift they are guaranteed to surprise and delight

– Your sundial will be dispatched the following working day. So once they pop we are ready to drop.

– These are a guaranteed gift. So if for any reason they don’t like it then send it back to us and we will even pay your postage.

– They certainly will not be expecting a gift as quality and unique as this so you are going to have to accept all the praise they will heap on you. For this reason it is best to give them the gift early before they turn into sleep deprived zombies.


Diameter : 165mm (6¼”)

Height (With Gnomon): 75mm (3″)

Weight: 800g (!)

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Jewelry collection is fresh and decorative. Glamorous pieces inject ornate and timeless touches to elegant and sophisticated designs. Shop from the BLOOMCHARM Jewelry ranges for a variety of materials and designs to compliment every outfit and any occasion. Embody feminine sensuality and opulent style with the BLOOMCHARM collection!

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